3Ds Price Cut Announced

ECommerce develops swiftly and every single day there appear more and more shopping carts for your internet shops. One of these platforms is PrestaShop. It had been designed to ease business for medium-sized businesses.

So if you’re PrestaShop user this info will be valuable for you personally. Let’s speak about the most often errors and how you can fix them very easily.

A new five-minute video has been released to introduce people to Star Fox 64 3D. Of the 3DS games shown at E3, I found this one to have some of the most impressive (if at times disorienting) 3D effects of anything there.

In addition to adding Wii U Pro Controller support, the patch will also allow players to purchase a digital copy of “New Super Luigi U” directly from “New Super Mario Bros. U” without having to access the Nintendo magento eshop.

I always wanted to write a letter to Nintendo/Nintendo Power when I was a kid. Unfortunately, the actual act of putting pen(cil) to paper to write was something which I was never really big into. I did draft this one huge letter I thought would get in for sure, because it was bigger than anything (well, two pages, anyway), but never sent it. In hindsight, that was probably for the best, and for a number of reasons. So I usually just called their consumer service line instead and told those poor people what I needed to say (but not all at once).

The highly popular vertical-scrolling shooter gets a 3D makeover (much like Excitebike) with 16 areas to visit and the goal of destroying as many targets as possible. The game comes with a $5.99 pricetag.

Maybe you don’t agree with my point. If you have different opinion, please do not hesitate to contact me. You could write an email to me or add my skype. Thanks for reading the article.

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