5 Ways To Make Money As A Home Health Aide

It’s role reversal day. You may have thought this day would never come, but you know that it has. Unfortunately you discover those weekly visits or even daily phone calls are not enough anymore. Your parent needs real hands on care. You now have to make important decisions, not only for yourself but for your aging parent as well. You need to decide what will be best for both you you, without changing life too dramatically. In many cases you are not alone in life; you have a family and/or career to think about as well. How do you keep up and try to please others around you?

Drainage of blood or fluid from the incision is a major concern for infection. This is a definite sign of infection. The color of discharge isn’t just red but it can be yellow or even green. A small amount of drainage isn’t too serious. But if the drainage becomes a great deal and continues for some time than it should be looked at by a doctor.

Montessori children help with laundry in the classroom. Sometimes they may assist with actually doing it in a washing machine. Children often wash classroom towels and napkins by hand, using a washboard. In your home, have your child help sort the laundry and put it into the machines. When it is clean, she can move it into the dryer. Then, she can help fold it and put it away when it is dry.

Medicare will pay for a home health aide if your loved one is homebound and has need of skilled nursing care. In that case, a home care services nurse will visit. Examples of skilled nursing needs include dressing changes, blood tests, monitoring someone with advanced Alzheimer’s, etc. If your loved one has a skilled nursing need, they will qualify for a home health aide. The aide can help your loved one with things like bathing, eating, and exercises as recommended by a physical therapist (you can get a physical therapist to come to the home, too, if needed). Medicare pays the entire cost of home health care.

You can find your own caregiver without going through an agency. Advertise in the local newspaper, or try contacting a nearby college or nursing school. Caregivers usually charge by the hour, but if you want someone to stay all day, they may charge by the day. The cost will depend in part on the amount of care your loved one needs, but $15 an hour is typical.

I received a report from an oral surgeon that the 3-year-old had six teeth extracted while under anesthesia. In spite of repeated calls from me and my staff asking to see the children again, I didn’t hear from this family again for three more years.

Senior home care through a nursing facility may be one of the best things you can do for your folks. Just make sure you make the right choice by going through all possible choices first and involve them as much as possible.

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