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Do you play much computer games, you need a real mouse. The simple mouse that comes with computer packages are not up to standard. The Swedish company Mionix launching Naos 5000, a new mouse for gaming. In addition to being ergonomically designed, it has lots of features that players certainly appreciate.

CD: We are all pretty comfortable at this point calling Dredmor a success. There are still some issues to sort out, and we are by no means finished adding fun stuff to the title, but the fact that it’s a success makes it easy to look back on what we did that worked out, and more difficult to say what didn’t.

In fact that’s precisely what Duke feels like: An old-school game in modern times. Right down to the multiplayer which features a plethora of over-powered weaponry, fast killing/dying, and quick matches. Everything in it feels pretty simplistic–even the puzzles. You carry two weapons, two explosives, and four “items”. There’s no switching between 15 guns, and it makes the gameplay move quicker.

All that said, we can already call Dungeons of Dredmor a success due to the incredible response from our beta testers and early adopters. We’ve managed to make it despite having relatively little attention from professional best wireless gaming mouse press before release.

As you progress through the game, the scope gets bigger and bigger. Soon you are on land foraging for supplies. Then you form tribes and do battle. Eventually you can build cities in a SimCity-like way. Then you can trade goods or make war with your neighboring cities. Eventually you can build a UFO and fly off to space to colonize and explore new worlds.

Mionix Naos 5000 is customizable in many ways and allows you to use all five fingers to control as much as possible in games. There are seven programmable buttons that you can set to work differently in your game. The mouse includes an internal memory of 128 kb that stores up to five different profiles. These profiles can then switch between even within a game.

The sports bar will show all the NCAA conference games and every game in the tournament on its 90+ flat screens. Game On will add excitement to the tournament with contests for Phillies tickets and other price giveaways. The Miller Lite Girls will stop by to join the party and promote the $3 Miller Lites and $5 American Honey drinks.

You can gather friends for maneuver practice until you get the knack. If you plunge into the serious hobby, you will realize how big the opportunities would lead you to other possibilities. But at first you will start as novice and be grouped according to your skill level.

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