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Mild facial peel

Chemical peels are treatments used to improve and smooth the texture of skin by removing its damaged outer layers. Peels are helpful for facial blemishes, wrinkles, acne and uneven skin pigmentation, caused by sun damage, pregnancy and other factors. Chemical peels can be used on the face, neck and back of hands. Chemical peels have various strengths and different chemical peels achieve different results. OHSU aestheticians have the expertise to choose the right peel treatment for your skin type and what type of correction your skin needs. Fine lines around your mouth or under your eyes, mild scars, certain types of acne, wrinkles caused by sun damage or aging, dark patches caused by the sun, birth control pills or pregnancy all can be improved with chemical peels.
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Facial Peel

Mild facial peel
Mild facial peel
Mild facial peel
Mild facial peel
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Chemical peel - Mayo Clinic

Are you a candidate? Do you struggle with trying to improve these below? A chemical peel can help with that. How severe is the peeling and what is the duration of the peeling process?
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Chemical peel

The one and only time I received a professional chemical peel I emerged one week later from a cocoon of dead skin cells and flakes to discover the brightest-looking skin of my life. But the price of pro treatments adds up quickly, which makes at-home chemical peels as compelling as ever — especially given the fact that I can vouch for the otherworldly radiance a good peel gives your complexion. That doesn't mean at-home chemical peels don't intimidate me just a little — my dermatologist was supremely careful during my chemical peel to apply chemicals with a light hand, giving me a superficial peel that could improve skin texture but would be gentle enough not to irritate my sensitive skin.
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There are many different environmental and internal factors that can affect skin health and beauty. While our skin is an extremely resilient and adaptable organ, it cannot cope with all of the stress we put it through on a daily basis. Sometimes, it is just best to start fresh. Chemical peels use a precise mix of compounds to carefully destroy and remove superficial layers of skin that are damaged by aging, sun damage, skin conditions, the environment, smoking, and genetics.

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